Here we had a bit of fun when our MD James Hart donated another shipment of PPE.

Lydia, who’s on the ICU at Preston Royal happily accepted the delivery!

On Wednesday evening after loading Lydia’s car with the PPE , James had a sit down outside his house (while social distancing ) and listening to some of the stories from the hospital.

James has been very emotional since hearing the heart-wrenching stories about lost ones, families not being there with them, the destruction Covid-19 is causing to lives and the amazing work our NHS staff and carers are doing… It’s deeply affected him.

His words to me the next day were “as much as you hear and see it in the news and it saddens you, when you hear the full and detailed stories straight from the horses’ mouth” (not that Lydia looks like a horse).

It hit him like a bolt of lightning and he sat tearfully pondering and thinking for hours into the night what others are going through and how lucky we are to have escaped it so far, and hopefully all together.

On the brighter side, it looks to be improving, but James insists he will keep supporting the NHS and other charities, especially through these tough times.

He also hopes the country gets back to some form of normality as soon as possible and that the NHS get the recognition they deserve when these terrible times have passed.