How lucky are we to be able to celebrate two James Harts Birthdays on the Same Day 58 years apart!

This coming Saturday the ticker tape will be out to celebrate two generations of James Hart’s birthdays! Congratulations to James Hart the 4th and James Hart the 6th! Out with the old and in with the new as they say!

James Hart (snr) the 4th generation of James Hart’s joined the company over 61 years ago, following in the footsteps of his father, long ago when the company traded under the name James Hart & Sons, as a successful  haulage company. A jack of all trades, James Hart (snr) was a keen farmer and as he grew the business in turn he acquired some great contracts in his time with local coal mines and quarries.

After sweat, hard work and determination fast forward through time with the company James Hart (snr) soon became the managing director age of 60 at the right time he handed the reigns to his 2 sons James and Phillip 15 years ago.

Standing on the periphery looking at the Business grow even more James (snr) is no stranger to everyone at the company, a warm friendly face who will always afford his time to you should you need a quick chat.

Introducing the newest generation of Harts is James Hart (jnr) photo’d above. James celebrates his 18th Birthday this weekend on the same day as his beloved Grandad. Following in the ancestral DNA of the Harts before him, James’s journey has begun as an apprentice, as they say the mighty Oak tree is grown form a mere acorn.

Learning the ropes from an early age, there’s no doubt James has showed real passion and enthusiasm for the commercial vehicles industry; after all it’s in his blood. Working weekends and late nights, James has grasped the challenge with both hands and has the drive and determination needed to ensure the company thrives and goes from strength to strength.

We’re so proud to see how far our family business has come. Through 6 generations of Harts and the legacy will continue for generations to come.