TEC4 Carbon Cleaning

Why Carbon Clean? Well, you could save up to £200* per year!

Cleaning the carbon from your car’s engine every once in a while is a very good idea, giving you the benefits of increased performance, improved fuel economy and the reduced likelihood of a breakdown as well as benefits to the environment due to the reduction in harmful emissions.

Any vehicle that has covered more than 10,000 miles, or is used regularly for ’round town’ driving, benefits from having a “Carbon Clean” – particularly Diesel vehicles fitted with DPF’s.

A typical carbon clean will improve fuel economy by 10%, saving the average motorist approximately £200 per year in improved fuel economy*.

How carbon-cleaning saves you money and prolongs your vehicle’s life!

The newest technology from Tec4 is designed to keep your car sparkling and clean… on the inside! You may already take your car for a regular service and make sure you use engine treatments. The problem is, these treatments don’t offer the deep clean that your engine needs if it’s going to work at its peak every day. The solution? A carbon cleaning revolution. We now offer the latest diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning processes, straight from Tec4. A carbon-clean can benefit your car, and save you money.

Carbon cleaning is fuel efficient

The first benefit you will see is improved fuel economy. A typical DPF cleaning process results in 10% off each fuel bill. This can quickly stack up, with the average customer reporting a saving of at least £200 every single year. The Tec4 process cleans your DPF in a way that is suitable for any vehicle. So whether you drive a diesel or a petrol, and whether you have a hatchback or a saloon, tap into the substantial fuel savings today by booking your carbon clean.

Carbon cleaning improves life span of the engine

Our experts have noted a remarkable improvement over the long term in engines which are regularly carbon-cleaned. This is because the engine itself is in a better condition. The engine is the heart of your car, and besides being difficult to replace, it’s also responsible for the smooth running of every other part under your car’s bonnet. So it’s essential that you look after the engine well, in order to save you replacing expensive parts. A regular carbon clean results in a radically lengthened life span for the engine.

Carbon cleaning is a flexible solution

The impact of contamination issues in your engine are not always felt until the MOT. A blocked DPF or a fouled fuel injector can fail the MOT emissions test and be an expensive problem. Carbon cleaning is a proactive and cheap way to make sure this doesn’t become an issue. Tec4 technology is specially designed to make sure that your car benefits in the long term, improving the emissions capacity of your car and capitalising on the things your engine is good at.

The Solution

Whether you have your car regularly serviced, or you are a little lax on vehicle maintenance, carbon cleaning can restore your engine to its original condition, so take a look at our options today: we have something to suit every car.

Get in touch with us at James Hart (Chorley) Limited and we’ll provide a bespoke quote to get your car looking pristine (inside).

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