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ULEZ & LEZ – Confused?!

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There's a lot of confusionThere is a lot of confusion surrounding the current Low Emission (LEZ) and Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ), with what areas are covered and to exactly what standards will be and when they are to be implemented and where? Here at James Hart (Chorley) Ltd we are mainly concerned with the

Winter Is Coming, Be Prepared!!

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WINTER IS COMING – Prepare Your Commercial Vehicles! Winter is fast approaching so it’s time to prepare your commercial vehicles for the coming months ahead. Climate Change seem to be making our summers hotter and winters more extreme. Making sure your vehicle is ready to combat the winter could save you money, down time

Avoid A Driving Ban – Know Your Tyres

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It Pays To Check One of the most important parts of car maintenance is regular tyres checks – The reason for this isn’t just to keep your vehicle legal, as poorly maintained tyres affect ride quality, can impact on other parts of the vehicle and also reduces the fuel efficient of your vehicle. Avoid a