Zeshan joined the James Hart team last July. Initially, he was due to start his apprenticeship but due to a few changes this has been moved to August this year.

In addition to working with our team of external website developers and marketing company, he’s become an integral part of the team working in all areas of marketing and even out on the road sometimes seeing customers or delivering parts!

We asked him how his first year has been… and this is what he had to say!


So, how’s your first year been?

Since I walked through the door on my first day time has just flown by. From taking photos for our new Ecommerce website (Rapid Truck Parts) to taking parts enquiries, packing the part and actually delivering them myself; it’s safe to say my first year at James Hart (Chorley) has been one to remember!!


Where were you working before and how have things changed for you?

Before joining James Hart I was a student and was working part time in a local grocery store and a cleaner at a local garage. So, the transition from working in a small team to joining a work force of 40 +was huge, especially the responsibility of running our social media accounts and running our new website, Rapid Truck Parts. However, the team helped me massively settling in and welcoming me into the family, including our outsourced marketing company who showed me how to use all our systems and software.


What do you think of the transport industry and what have you learned?

 If you had asked me a year ago anything about a truck I would have turned pale (hard to imagine right)! Joking aside, the parts team have been a massive help for me throughout this year. They’ve been patient and taught me all about the trade. I’ve learnt so much from the parts team with them all coming from different eras and sharing their experiences with me. However, I still have much to learn!


What’s made you laugh the most whilst working here?

 I’ve had many laughs since joining the company.  The lads in the office are great we all have brilliant banter between each other, there are also plenty of office pranks mostly played on me. Its also brilliant listening to James’ stories, some of which I definitely can’t write here!


Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

 Me and my mates always talk about where or what would we like to be in the future! I have since day one here that I’ve feel I’ll be here in the long run, and that is credit to the James Hart (Chorley) family who have all made me feel welcome and one of the team!


What do you like the most of your job?

There are many things I love about my job – every day is different. I could be taking pictures, driving or helping out the lads in the warehouse. One thing I can happily say is I don’t like making the cups of teas in the morning though. I also love the history of the company and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Jim Hart, who is now retired and was former director. He has shared his experiences with me of how the business ran ‘back in the day’ and how they were successful at providing a platform for the next generation. You also don’t get many businesses that have been running for over 100 years and have such a small turnover of staff like we do, which was an interesting learn.

Everyone at the company from the directors James and Phil right through to the drivers and warehouse lads are a brilliant team to work with. We all have one goal and that is to make James Hart (Chorley) successful. Joining the company was one of the best decisions of my life!