Here at James Hart (Chorley) Ltd we are established in the UK as being the largest Independent DAF Truck part and Green Parts Recyclers.

We understand budgets have been stretched over the previous 15 months, because of this the whole supply chain is seeing the true benefits of utilizing recycled Green truck parts.

Gone are the days when you would spend hours climbing over rusty damaged vehicle carcasses in a scene that wouldn’t be out of place on a mad max film set, whilst battling the elements, saws and angle grinders were the weapon of choice!

Thankfully all that is now a thing of the past, the whole structure of the green recycling world is very much akin to that of a manufactures workshop, our Daf Truck parts are quality checked, identified and allocated then the details are loaded onto the computer with a cost ready to be sold.

When you make the choice to use recycled Green parts it makes accident repairs more economical, in particular body-shops are being encouraged to fit green parts in ‘shared savings’ schemes with insurance companies, boosting their margins.

The recycled parts market can work particularly well for older Trucks. As an example, some older headlights suffer from a frosting on the glass creating an almost milky lens, therefore meaning when fitting a brand new light, it can look out of place compared to a similarly aged replacement.

The environmental benefits are clear, no need to import parts from the manufacturers removing any carbon footprint plus the revenues are kept within the U. K’s motor industry.

Not only does everyone save money but in addition we all have the satisfaction of knowing we have all done our bit for Mother Earth.

Want to know more about how we can work together to reduce waste and improve the environment? Drop us a line and we’ll be happy to work with you.