There is a lot of confusion surrounding the current Low Emission (LEZ) and Ultra Low Emissions Zones (ULEZ), with what areas are covered and to exactly what standards will be and when they are to be implemented and where? Here at James Hart (Chorley) Ltd we are mainly concerned with the effect of the zones on trucks over 7.5 tonne gross vehicle weight.

As with the last Low Emissions Zone introduction there is a lot of ‘fabricated’ truths and rumours! The current LEZ is just within the M25. This zone requires all trucks to be Euro 4 compliant or better. As of April 2019 there will be the introduction of the ULEZ, this zone will be central London, the current Congestion Charging Zone (bordered by the A501, A100, A201, A3204, A202, A4202 and the A5), this will require all trucks to be a minimum of Euro 6 compliant.

The confusion is arising it seems from ‘proposals’ as to what could be achieved if LEZ’s were implemented in other cities. As things stand, it is ok to enter into London with a minimum of Euro 4. After April 2019 you will need Euro 6 to enter the centre of London (ULEZ) in a truck, as of October 2020 the LEZ will then become a minimum of Euro 6 compliant from the current Euro 4.

Other than this there are currently no other zones being implemented, anything else is either hearsay or cities saying that ‘if’ they implemented an LEZ they could achieve reduced pollution figures.

This does not mean that any other zones or cities are affected by a low emissions policy.