Keeping your HGVs roadworthy is highly important for a number of different reasons. At James Hart (Chorley), we have nine inspection and maintenance bays to ensure your trucks are fit for the road. We undertake all manner of work relating to regular inspections, MOT preparation, and MOT testing.

What is proper truck maintenance?

As is the case with a car, van, motorbike, or any other vehicle, operating a truck means that you’re under a legal obligation to make sure it’s roadworthy. HGVs are subject to a yearly MOT to assess their condition, however, they are also subject to more rigorous testing.

No less than four brake tests should be conducted in any 12-month period, and thorough vehicle inspections need to be performed on an ongoing basis. There’s no set time on how often these inspections should be performed, but it’s generally advised that it should be between every four and 12 weeks. This is determined by the age of the vehicle, its mileage, general condition, and how hard it works.

For example, a five-year-old truck with 150,000 miles used for general haulage work should undergo regular inspections at least every five weeks. This is in addition to the daily checks carried out by drivers, four brake tests per year, and an annual MOT.

Government statistics show that a HGV is far more likely to fail its MOT the older it is – from 2016/2017, 33.5% of vehicles over 12 years old failed, compared to just 5.5% of vehicles that were three years old.

For further information about maintaining the roadworthy condition of your HGV, consult this handy VOSA guide, or contact James Hart (Chorley) for help.

What are the risks of bad maintenance?

It makes for scary reading to learn that HGVs are seven times as likely to be involved in a fatal crash as cars.

While most of the headline-grabbing truck accidents are down to driver error, the onus is still on HGV operators to make sure that their vehicles are as roadworthy as possible. The alarmingly high rate of fatal accidents involving HGVs is leading to an increasingly negative perception of the industry, which will lead to businesses suffering.

Trucks are built by manufacturers to work hard and work reliably, so major maintenance is a comparatively rare necessity. Indeed the majority of reasons for HGV testing failures between 2017 and 2018 was down to either headlight or brake issues.

Your vehicle is a representation of your business. If it’s in poor condition, badly maintained or – in the worst case scenario – involved in a serious accident, you’ll find it very hard to weather the storm of negative public perception.

Keeping your HGV roadworthy doesn’t have to expensive and doesn’t have to be time-consuming. At James Hart (Chorley), our team of friendly and experienced staff are on hand to help you keep your HGV on the road.

So for any help, guidance, or advice – or to book your place on one of our nine inspection and maintenance bays, contact James Hart (Chorley) today.