After the government announced the extension of MOTs, a lot of customers believed that the change is being applied to ALL vehicles over the next 6 months.

This is NOT the case and never has been.

Check your vehicle today and if the MOT expiry date is a few weeks away, you will notice that the MOT expiry date still shows the original date. No 6 month extension applies. So why is this?

To understand this, you need to understand the mechanism the DVSA is using to apply extensions to vehicles.

The DVSA are taking into account the current state of alarm at any given moment. Therefore while a state of alarm is in effect, every day they update all vehicles with an MOT due within approximately 48 hours and apply the 6 month extension to them.

However, if the state of alarm is lifted, it is extremely likely they will stop applying extensions.

The MOT expiry date will then remain the same.

If you who choose to wait, checking for an extension at the last minute may mean you have as little as 48 hours to get an MOT carried out or risk driving illegally.

Please ensure that you are checking if your MOT has been extended.