Matt Smith joined us a year ago this week and has been a valuable addition to the team! We asked him how he felt about his first year… and this is what he said!

“It’s hard to comprehend my first 12 months here at James Hart (Chorley). After leaving my previous role of 15 years at Mercedes Benz, to begin a fresh challenge working for an independent repair/parts supplier, obviously I had concerns about moving away from my comfort zone and start afresh with new challenges and pressures that I would put upon myself. My own drive and determination to succeed and bring James Hart (Chorley) in contact with more and more customers has paid off.

I have always enjoyed the thrill of finding new customers and supporting their parts needs, like in any business words need to be followed up with the right kind of service. I believe at James Hart’s they are very competent and at the top of their game allowing me to prosper. Something that was apparent from the first day I started, all the staff have fostered a positive company culture, creating a family-feel environment and genuine care is felt from the MD and throughout the business.

We have all had to adopt to a slightly different way of working, be it networking, zoom meetings or using analytics to look for new opportunities.

It’s been a very strange year, I think we can all agree on that. What’s important now is where the next 12 months takes us. As long as I’m positive with a can do attitude and continue to provide a 1st class service to my customers, I will be happy and content.

I’m relishing what the future holds and staying positive, while working hard to push on and blitz these next 12 months”