Truck ownership can be an expensive business. With regular MOTs, servicing, repairs and maintenance, the costs can soon add up. That’s why it’s important to ensure your truck is kept in the best possible condition. By keeping up with regular servicing and repair, you can avoid big bills and a lot of stress further down the line. Here are our top three reasons why regular truck and HGV servicing can benefit both your vehicle and your wallet:

1. Save money

Regular truck and HGV servicing ensures that the vehicle components are maintained correctly and not left to deteriorate over time.

Other than your MOT, a truck service is one of the few times where a mechanic will check over your vehicle to ensure that it’s safe. Our technicians are true experts in their field and will carry out a thorough check of your truck to identify any issues you may not have noticed. Problems with your vehicle are often cheaper to resolve when they are found earlier on, so keeping up with regular truck maintenance is sensible to avoid an unnecessary vehicle breakdown or large repair bill in future.

2. Go further for longer
Truck servicing is one of the most important things you can do to improve fuel consumption. Regular truck servicing can help prevent issues that could affect your truck’s fuel usage. In some cases, carrying out simple and routine maintenance such as changing a dirty fuel filter can significantly reduce your truck’s fuel usage, helping you go further on a single tank of fuel.

3. Maintain its value
Taking care of your truck is important, especially if you plan to resell it at some point. Some buyers will be interested to know about your truck’s service history, and may even ask to see proof before purchasing. A HGV with a good service and maintenance record will no doubt be easier to sell and you may find you’re able to get a higher resale value thanks to regular upkeep.

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