HGV Inspection Updates

An updated version of the HGV inspection manual was published on 11th April 2022 and the changes have come into effect as of 1st May. These changes include new guidance on how the DVSA categorises and evaluates vehicle defects found during roadside checks, meaning that not adhering to these guidelines could result in significant delays and inconvenience for you. In this guide, we run down what the main changes are and how you can prepare for them.

What are the changes?

Many changes have been made to the guidelines given to the DVSA on how they are supposed to respond to vehicle defects. This includes how these defects are categorised, analysed and penalised.

Some of the areas that have been specifically affected by this change include load security, missing seat belts and direction indicator rules. Also added are updates on regulations surrounding electronic stability control, secondary brake alternative split options and suspension joints. Many of these changes provide additional definitions, clarification and slight amendments to ensure the guidelines are clearer for both you and the DVSA.

What does this mean for me?

These rules are already in effect, so, if you aren’t complying with these new guidelines, you could run into legal trouble if you are subject to a roadside inspection. This could put significant delays on your journey as well as cause issues down the line, especially if you are providing services or goods within Britain, as the penalties have been specifically updated to affect these types of HGVs.

How do I comply with the new guidelines?

The motivation behind the update was to make the guidelines clearer, so they should be relatively easy to follow. The full manual is available to read with the revisions signposted and detailed at the front of the document, which should make preparing your vehicle straightforward. You should consider organising a full annual check-over to ensure that your vehicle is safe and you meet all the guidelines. Some small or major changes may have to be made to ensure you are compliant, so if you haven’t already done so, you should make these as soon as possible.

At James Hart Chorley, we can perform a full service of your HGV to ensure you are fully compliant with the manual update. Contact us today on 01257 279414 to find out more.