Even though the Manchester Clean Air Zone is under review and a lot of people think it will be scrapped, Transport for Greater Manchester are still offering grants of up to £12,000 for replacement-compliant HGV’s, when purchased from an Approved Vehicle Dealer, such as James Hart (Chorley) Limited.

The criteria for qualification is now open to bigger businesses as well, as originally it was only for companies with a turnover up to £600k.

The grant works on the basis where you replace your non-compliant vehicle (basically anything that is not Euro6, so typically 2013 trucks and older) with a compliant vehicle (Euro6 or Zero emissions).

The truck has to be purchased from us or another Approved Vehicle Dealer within the scheme either purchased outright or through a finance company.

The grants range from £5000 to £12000 and are based on the vehicle you dispose of, not the one you purchase.

For example we recently sold to a 2016 DAF 12 tonne curtainsider to a customer from Wigan who part exchanged his non-compliant 26 tonne vehicle. The price of the vehicle bought was £23000 + VAT, we gave £10 000 + VAT for the part exchange and obtained a £9000 a grant, so in affect only had to part with £4000 + VAT. This particular customer was going to London and Birmingham each week, so he needed a Euro6 vehicle to enter these cities without being fined.

There is a significant amount of money set aside for these grants and if you are thinking of upgrading your vehicle it would be a shame to miss out on this “free money”. The grants are not required to be paid back, even if the Clean Air Zone is scrapped.

We are fully trained and approved within the scheme and are happy to help with the application process.