In a world where reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that we promote sustainability are dominant concepts in the public consciousness, the shift towards electric vehicles is ongoing. Now, it seems that electric trucks could be set to transform the future of the haulage industry. For many years, there have been barriers to a complete switchover to electric cars and trucks as the logistics were simply not in place to facilitate this. However, with the introduction of more electric charging points, fleets of electric trucks could become reality.

The introduction of PACCAR chargers

The Dutch manufacturer, DAF Trucks, has introduced an innovative range of PACCAR chargers that are specifically designed to quickly and efficiently charge fleets of trucks, allowing for easier integration of electric trucks into daily use by companies. Ranging from 20 kW to 50 kW in power, the PACCAR chargers allow the trucks to be charged during the evenings or at night when the trucks are not in use. This provides convenience to any companies that do not want charging to interfere with their normal operations.

A simplistic transition

Change can be difficult for businesses, especially change that is as drastic as a complete shift from petrol and diesel-powered vehicles to electric ones. However, the increased frequency of charging points makes it significantly easier for trucking companies to make the transition and include more of these greener electric vehicles in their fleet.

A greener future

Studies have shown that large trucks are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution. With concerns and initiatives to drive forward the move towards cleaner vehicles, increased availability may be exactly what companies need to make the switch over to electric trucks, which are cleaner and do not pollute the environment like their diesel predecessors.

Easy charging availability

One of the biggest barriers to a change to electric trucking has been the lack of availability of mobile charging points that allow truck drivers to charge their vehicles whenever necessary. Now that there is a likelihood of more fixed charging stations, as well as a range of mobile chargers that range from 24 kW up to 40 kW in power, this will make electric trucks a more attractive proposition to companies that did not previously consider them.

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