You’ve decided on the career for you. You’ve invested in your training, and now the time has come; it’s the day of your Certificate of Professional Competence driver test. Many will have memories of taking a car driving test, perhaps at a young age, and the nerves and fear that accompanied that day. With the CPC, the cost is substantial and the career of your choice depends upon your success. So what can you do to prepare and ensure that nerves don’t get the better of you?

What does CPC mean?

For those not quite as far on in their journey, let’s briefly rewind. CPC was introduced to the UK back in 2008. When first rolled out, this covered bus and coach drivers. A year on and lorry drivers were also included. So in simple terms, barring certain exceptions, if the main part of your job involves driving lorries, buses, or coaches, you need a CPC.

Obtaining a CPC by passing the examinations and assessments just once isn’t enough. Given the responsibility bestowed on the drivers of these vehicles, the CPC must be updated every 5 years in the form of periodic training.

What is involved in obtaining a CPC?

Much like a car licence, driving alone isn’t enough to prove your competence. The CPC is broken down into 4 parts. Once your provisional licence has been issued, you are able to take parts 1 and 2 which are theory tests. Passing these sees you moving on to having your driving ability tested for around 90 minutes. With these 3 parts behind you, you can move onto part 4 which is a practical assessment involving safely loading and conducting vehicle safety checks.

Making sure you’re good to go

With the theory test, you have the benefit of guides and practise papers to help you prepare. When it comes to showing your driving ability, here are the top things you can do to ensure you’re ready to go:

– Take it seriously – It may seem obvious but just remember how much you have invested so far to get here

– Practise looking ahead – driving such a large vehicle means you need a much longer braking and stopping time compared to when driving a car. Get used to looking at least 5 cars ahead.

– Dress for the occasion – this is not a job interview. Ensure you are dressed practically and comfortably for the test.

– Make sure you have your paperwork – things like your driving licence can be all too easy to forget!

Obtaining your CPC places you among the responsible drivers out there. The ones who keep our roads safe for all users.