In a world that is becoming more and more concerned with its global environmental impact, there have naturally been several legislations implemented to observe, measure, and control environmental pollution. Among these is the introduction of clean air zones, aiming to reduce emissions and encourage cleaner, more environmentally sustainable vehicles.

What are clean air zones?

Clean air zones (CAZs) are areas that are governed by legal requirements set to improve air quality. In these zones, vehicles are required to meet a minimum emission standard in order to travel freely – this varies depending on the class of the CAZ. Vehicles that do not meet these requirements will have to pay a charge for entering these areas, which must be paid within 7 days. Different CAZs target different classes of vehicle, ranging from buses, coaches, taxis, and private hire vehicles only, to all vehicle types being included.

Presently, there are two clean air zones. A class C CAZ in Bath, and a class D CAZ in Birmingham. However, several other cities will implement CAZs in 2021/2022, including the likes of Manchester, Leicester, Sheffield, and many more. Other cities such as York and Cambridge are considering CAZs for future implementation.

What this means for logistics companies

Many logistics companies will have to greatly consider the effect that CAZs will have on the running of their organisation. Multiple logistics companies rely on trucks and other heavy goods vehicles for transporting supplies. Under Class B, C, and D CAZs, these vehicles will be charged £50 a day for travelling in the zones. This amounts to £250 in a single working week, and any charges not paid could result in a £120 fine for every charge. In order to avoid these charges, the vehicles must meet Euro VI Emission Compliance.

Needless to say, this proves a huge factor in the running of logistics companies. If several, or potentially all, vehicles do not meet these requirements, the multiple daily charges could amount to mass deductions from monthly earnings. With most major cities looking to implement CAZs, the main focus areas for such businesses will come paired with CAZ charges, forcing companies to try and supply to areas of less demand, or try and contend with the huge charges.

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