The current situation with COVID-19 and the fact that airborne transmission is one of the main ways the coronavirus spreads once more highlight the importance of clean ambient air.

Replacing the cabin air filter for the cold season is very important, because it filters harmful particles and viruses from the outside air taken into the vehicle

The cabin air filter needs to deliver peak performance for a clear view and good air quality in the vehicle.

The manufacturer believes changing the cabin filter should be considered an automatic part of sensible winter car maintenance.

Cabin air filter improves the air quality thanks to its different layers. In addition to coarse particles like dust and tire dust, it also filters viruses and deleterious particulate matter.

It virtually completely adsorbs unpleasant odours and harmful gases like nitrogen oxide and ozone from the airflow. An innovative biofunctional special coating has both an anti-allergen and antimicrobial effect and verifiably reduces the growth of microorganisms like mould or bacteria on the filter.

Like wearing a face covering, a cabin air filter provides cleaner air in the vehicle cabin and thus could be regarded as an additional protective measure.