Improve the reliability and efficiency of your car with carbon cleaning

When you consider what it means to take good care of your car, you might immediately think about the annual MOT check that allows your vehicle to run safely. Perhaps you might also remember your monthly car wash and detailing, which keep the exterior and upholstery looking fresh and new.

With each year that passes, however, there are more options on the market to help ensure that you get the longest life out of your vehicle. In particular, you can now add a deep carbon clean to your regular maintenance plan, which will improve your car’s longevity, and save time and money in the long term.

What kind of maintenance issues can DPF cleaning prevent?

The reason that carbon cleaning has become such an essential addition to vehicle maintenance is because of the modern design of car engines. The demand for emission reductions has led to technical changes that have resulted in benefits for the environment, but these alterations have also caused an increase in certain engine problems. Nowadays, it’s very common for mechanics to see blocked diesel particulate filters (DPFs), damaged fuel injectors, or even complete MOT emission failures.

Most car owners use their vehicle regularly, clocking up at least the average 10,000 miles each year. As a result, they often fall into the trap of suffering from one of these common modern engine issues. With a complete carbon clean, however, you can ensure that the system is performing at the top of its game. This means that you can avoid the hassle of hire cars or public transport when a breakdown occurs.

How can DPF cleaning save you money?

When you invest so much hard earned cash into purchasing your car, you don’t want to pay out further sums for mechanical issues or high running costs. With a carbon clean, you will be able to help prevent paying out for costly maintenance problems, insurance charges, and other additional contingencies.

In addition to these savings, however, a carbon clean also allows you to retain a significant sum of money by boosting your car’s fuel economy. Each year, motorists end up paying out unnecessary amounts on fuel because their engines are not performing to the best of their ability. DPF cleaning reverses this trend and saves the average user about £200 per annum in petrol costs. This amounts to around a 10% improvement in fuel economy, which is a significant advantage for any car owner.

What can DPF cleaning do for the environment?

These days, people are increasingly aware of the effect their actions have on the world around them. When you consider a car’s fuel efficiency rating, it’s not just to save money on petrol, but also due to a concern for the environment. When you opt for a carbon clean, you’re not only improving your own livelihood and saving yourself money, but you’re also contributing to a range of ecological benefits.

A more efficient engine results in a significant reduction in emissions, which helps to mitigate the effects of climate change and global warming. It also ensures that your vehicle will last longer and perform better, allowing you to extend the lifespan of your car. This doesn’t just keep your wallet happy, but also makes sure that your car doesn’t end up being scrapped early on and contributing to landfill waste.

DPF cleaning offers an endless array of personal, financial, and ecological benefits for vehicle owners. At James Hart Chorley Ltd, we have expert mechanics available to discuss all of your carbon cleaning needs, so give us a call today to learn more or book your car in for a comprehensive carbon clean.