The DVSA is urging motorists to book their MOT sooner rather than later to beat an anticipated rush on testing stations.

The autumn months are predicted to be busier than usual as drivers book in for their annual check. Experts are predicting that the impact of COVID-19 MOT exemptions last year will mean a compounded lack of testing capacity from September onwards.

Mechanic demand soaring post-lockdown

Garages are already anticipated to be busy later in the year following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions. Vehicle owners are increasingly making appointments for the routine repairs they put off during lockdown periods.

On top of that, as many people are only just returning to the roads on a regular basis, they are doing so in cars that may have largely stood idle for some time. Not using a car for several weeks or months can increase the risk of it being in an unroadworthy condition or being a safety risk.

During the peak of the pandemic last year, the DVSA allowed drivers to postpone their MOT test with the grace period ending on August 1st 2020.

That has resulted in an uneven spread of expiry dates across the country. A DVSA spokesperson advised those whose certificates run out in September, October, November and December to bring their test forward to June or July instead. You can get an MOT up to a month before your current one runs out.

There is also evidence that many motorists have lost track of when their MOT will expire this year. In a survey commissioned by the insurance comparison site, GoCompare, 13% of drivers could not remember when their MOT test will need renewing.

You can check your own MOT status on the government’s website. However, with more and more people dusting off their temporarily forgotten certificates, there may be an additional rush from those who had not realised their check has lapsed or who are getting very close to the expiry date.

There will be no grace period for MOT checks

Despite the huge uncertainty of the last year or so, there is no additional grace period for motorists whose MOT checks have expired. Those found to be without a valid MOT face a considerable fine and can invalidate their insurance.

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