As a fleet manager, you can benefit a great deal from installing regular truck maintenance programs. The secret to maintaining your truck fleet is to stay consistent and fulfil maintenance recommendations set by their manufacturers.

Regular truck maintenance has several benefits that favour both you, your truck drivers, and the trucks themselves.

From changing filters and checking oil levels to MOT servicing, it pays to stay ahead of the game when it comes to truck maintenance. Here are the top 5 reasons why you should maintain your truck fleet regularly.

1. Catch problems early

Trucks, like other vehicles, develop issues slowly. Often, you hardly notice that they have any mechanical problems until when it’s too late, and the problem is unavoidable. By this stage, the problems fetch huge prices to fix.

Regular truck maintenance helps you to notice and address issues such as leaking fuel lines or stuck brakes. At best, this will reduce the probability of getting into accidents.

2. Improve mileage

You may not know this, but regular vehicle maintenance will improve your fleets’ gas mileage significantly. Tires, for instance, lose pressure after being on the road too long and can cost you up to 3% or more of your mileage. If you manage a large fleet of trucks, a 3% difference in fuel costs is worth noticing.

Therefore, where possible, rotate your tires on a set schedule. Regular truck maintenance also enables you to catch dirty air, oil filters, and fuel, which can ramp up mileage and must be replaced regularly.

3. Reduced operational costs

Preventative maintenance costs are always lower compared to reactive repairs. You will spend a lot more by paying for the repercussions of poor truck maintenance costs. Poor fleet maintenance can also result in several truck accidents and cost you several millions in medical care, property damage, legal expenses, and lost productivity.

However, regular fleet inspections help you to identify and address mechanical issues with your trucks before they turn into serious problems.

4. More time on the road

Regular truck maintenance also helps to minimise downtimes due to breakdowns. You will experience fewer disruptions from breakdowns on the side of the road. Some of these mechanical issues may require that your trucks stay in the garage longer than intended.

5. Your drivers are safer

Remember, your fleet drivers are the ones keeping your business ongoing. Therefore, their safety on the road should be your highest priority.

In contrast, if your vehicles aren’t properly maintained, and an accident occurs, you may be held liable for any damages incurred. It’s, therefore, your responsibility to ensure your fleet of trucks is safe to drive.

Bottom line

Paying proper attention to your trucks will eventually lead to long-term benefits and save you more money as well. A well-managed truck will ultimately boost productivity and profits for your trucking company. James Hart (Chorley) Limited can help maintain your trucks all year round and ensure you stay on the road! Contact us today to find out more.