Experienced truck and HGV drivers will have built up a collection of essential items in their cab over time. This is something that becomes second nature when spending many hours in your vehicle and driving for a living. Knowing what to pack is not always so easy for newer drivers though. Very often, they focus so much on the journey itself, that they forget to bring along those crucial extras with them.

The truth is that all drivers, whether new or experienced, should think about the things which may come in useful when out trucking. But what should you be taking with you?

1. First aid supplies

This first piece of kit is a no-brainer as it is a legal requirement for HGV and truck drivers. It is also very handy if you get injured when out driving. Any decent kit should have the basics including large dressings, sterile wipes, plasters and medical disposable gloves.

2. Emergency kit

When driving a truck or HGV, you never know what might be around the next bend. Packing the right emergency kit will help you to cope with whatever happens. Common things you might need include de-icer, a torch, jump leads, batteries and handy tools like pliers.

3. Personal hygiene gear

While your first aid kit is there for accidents, you also need to look after your personal hygiene on a daily basis when out driving. Packing items like spare clothes, baby wipes, nail scissors, hand sanitiser and toilet roll is definitely worthwhile to stay in top shape.

4. Kit for keeping you comfy

Very often, the cab of your HGV or truck becomes a home from home. It is therefore wise to bring things along to make it as comfy as you can. Packing things like a hand-held vacuum and sunglasses will make time spent in your cab much more enjoyable.

5. Road safety equipment

All truckers will have had their vehicle break down at some point – often in the most inconvenient of spots! It is therefore essential to have the right road safety kit with you at all times. Cones are one vital thing to pack, as is a high-vis jacket to keep you safe while waiting for rescue. It is also worth packing a blanket to keep you warm when waiting in cold weather.

6. Small set of tools

While you do not want to be carting about a full toolkit, it is worth putting in a small one for those little jobs which can pop up. Having a multi-tool and screwdrivers, for example, will help if something comes loose and needs tightening up again.

7. Unloading and loading kit

As well as driving and sleeping, loading and unloading is a key part of any trucking job. It is vital to have the right kit though so you can do it safely. With this in mind, make sure you have goggles, a hard hat, sturdy boots and gloves in your cab to use.

8. Maps

A major part of any HGV or truck driving job is getting between places safely and on-time. This is not always easy though so it can be worth putting in things which help you do this. While you may have satellite navigation on your mobile phone or in your cab, these can sometimes fail. For this reason, it is a great idea to put paper maps in for your journey too.

9. Food and drink equipment

It can be easy to focus all the attention on your vehicle and forget about looking after your own health. This is a mistake though as you need to stay healthy to perform well. It is certainly worth carrying kit like an insulated lunch bag to keep food fresh along with nutritious snacks. You might also think about putting a portable cooking appliance in for overnight trips.

10. Entertainment kit

Driving an HGV involves long hours and also taking breaks to rest. It can also see you waiting around to drop off or pick up supplies! It is essential to put entertainment gear in your truck like books, magazines and a tablet/smartphone so you always have something fun to do when not driving.

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